Birmingham's Famous Faces

Did you know that the following celebrites were born or raised in Greater Birmingham? 

Willie Mays (baseball great)
Kate Jackson (actor)
Wayne Rogers (actor)
Nell Carter (actor/singer)
John Badham (movie director)
Courteney Cox (actor)
Walker Percy (writer)
Erskine Hawkins (composer/musician)
Emmy Lou Harris (musician)
Mel Allen (actor)
Louise Fletcher (actor)
Lionel Hampton (musician)
Tallulah Bankhead (actor)
Jim Nabors (actor)
Odetta (singer)
Sun Ra (musician)
Bo Jackson (football/baseball player)
Hubert Green (golfer)
Charlie Boswell (golfer)
Charles Barkley (basketball player)
Fannie Flagg (writer/actor)
Bobby Bowden (football coach)
Bobby, Donnie and Davey Allison (auto racers)
Neil Bonnett (auto racer)
Diana Ross (singer)
Heather Whitestone (former Miss America)
Lorenzo “Piper” Davis (Birmingham Black Barons)
Ruben Studdard (“American Idol” winner 2003)
Taylor Hicks (“American Idol” winner 2006)
Bo Bice (“American Idol” first runner up 2004)
Condoleezza Rice (Secretary of State 2005-2009)
Ricky Smiley (comedian)
Vonetta Flowers (Olympic gold medalist)
Emmylou Harris (singer)
Alan Hunter (original MTV DJ)